Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Dialogue

The Dialogue

Come out of your woe,
And amble as all men do.
With pride,

Misfortunes strike once again,
Despair becomes a need,
For survival.
Hopelessness buried deep down my poor heart,
anguish prevailing.
Come out of your woe,
These sounds/ words heard far away,
Like a whisper.
Futile words, needless to consider,
My mind tells me,
Dejected as always.
My tears as offerings,
Given to you.

Oft in your fantasy, you dreams chase,
Oft in your shackled slumber,
The rainbow vivid shines bright hued.
Come out of your slumber,
Come make your dreams come true Antigone.
Fly with me high above.
Maybe some immortal Zeus did conspire,
For your woes that ages witness;
Why you? Ever asked why?
Why shed your pearls prized,
For the follies of others and your vice.

                                              G.K & Vidoushi Ramjheetun

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