Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Unsaid feelings

My Unsaid feelings

Beloved, oh! How can I ever let you know,
Of the nectarine desires which lie deep in my mind;
Those wreaths of thoughts sweet, for you I ponder by,
And to your heart the fetters unseen, my heart does bind.

Sudden you came unannounced, with the breeze mellow,
Brightening my soul, which till darkness gloomed;
In pure delight, capered I merrily merrily,
As in the season of spring, the many blossoms bloomed.

A thing of beauty*, holy father's masterpiece,
My lovely maiden, so fair and calm yet so gay;
Healthy shades vivid, and of a varying hue,
Of lilies, lilacs, lupins and lotuses, the summer may.

And yes, your eyes eclipses the whole of your sex,
That eyes of doe, ever drunk yet meek and kind;
Unknown of my feelings are your flirting smiles,
Alas! O' fate, what world for me have you designed.

For you, I loved with that love so divine,
But sure I lament that you will never know;
Let it be concealed, forever and for eternity,
Since my love, you will never fathom, and I never show.

And from these dumb silent eyes of mine,
Came rolling down my cheeks, a few briny drops;
Catch a sight of them if you can, are tears,
If not, let it forever and ever remain water drops.

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